Maintaining and Improving the Wood

Our aims to maintain an amenity woodland and a diverse woodland habitat mean that there is a constant supply of work in the wood. Each year we set out a program of seasonal work and larger projects such as planting and path creation. In addition we meet on the first Sunday of each month to carry out maintenance work such as path clearance, drainage, scrub clearing and pruning. Timetables and events will be posted on the woodland notice board and facebook page.

Path and Track Maintenance

The MWT was formed in April 2007 by residents in the Kirkton of Maryculter in co-operation with Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS). Our aim is to maintain the woods as a local ammenity without changing its informal character. Our primary maintenance task has been to keep the paths open! We have also assisted FCS with tree planting to increase the abundance of native broad-leaved trees & native ground-cover in the wood. The woods may be informal, but the relationship that the MWT has with FCS has clear structure. The MWT has its own liability insurance and all the work that we do requires approval by FCS prior to the work starting and then FCS inspection when the work is finished. We have built up an extremely positive partnership with FCS who give us their time, their expertise, the loan of tools and all we need to replant areas with native trees.

While the MWT progress through the community purchase scheme the FCS have limited the work that can be can be done on the wood to basic path maintenance in certain parts of the wood